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We successfully held the eighth Road of Growth to Graduate Study report


We successfully held the eighth "Road of Growth to Graduate Study" report of Seasons Forum in the afternoon on June 16 in the No 2 library hall. Wen Xiaosheng, vice President of the college, Lai Weiqiaothe, the library curator and more than 200 students took part in the activity.
We invited four students of Year 2012 and one of Year 2011, who successfully passed the postgraduate entrance tests of 2016. They were Zheng Huanhan, News major, Chen Jianpin (Year 2011), Civil Engineering major, Dou ShiYao, Human Resources major, Li Wenxiu, Engineering Management major, and Zeng Yun, electrical Engineering major. They shared the hardships and pain, success and joy with their experience and practice, to the juniors who are determined to pursue this similar objective. The juniors rushed to ask questions and the honored guests answered the questions one by one. They encouraged everyone that in the journey of pursuing the graduate study, one must bear loneliness and maintain good state of mind,  with firm faith, clear goal, full-heart devotion, hard work, and persistence.
Wen Xiaosheng, vice President of the college did a fantastic summary for the report. He called for students with his personal studying experience to provide a solid basis for their own life at the early age and then made constant breakthroughs. He made it quite clear that in the way of studying, one is to set clear goals, to set up learning spirit, and to have suitable learning methods.
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